• Izabella Bray

Announcing the Official Startup Stack Launch

More startups are launching than ever, and the Startup Stack offers a new way to help them succeed.

The Startup Stack was created to make the most critical operational tech available to founders when they need them most—and at exclusive discounts. Dialpad, Carta, Airtable, Brex, and other solutions have come together to support early-stage companies like never before.

In the second half of 2020, the Wall Street Journal reported that the increase in applications for new businesses in the US hit a 13-year high. While this stat contrasts the many struggles faced by businesses in the same year, it illustrates the propensity of entrepreneurial ambition.

“In growing the Dialpad for Startups’ partner network, I meet so many great people from other successful tools that share our desire to help startups see early success,” said Izabella Bray, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Dialpad and general manager of the Dialpad for Startups program. “Many of us realized we could come together to make something bigger happen.”

“It’s inspiring to see how passionate members of The Startup Stack are about seeing founders succeed. We believe this can be a valuable resource for founders and we’re excited to help facilitate that experience for them. ” Jonathan Engle, Co-founder of the Startup Stack.

The Startup Stack explores the SaaS ecosystem to uncover the top tools to help founders scale and succeed. Each member of the Startup Stack is carefully vetted for both the quality of their product and their startup offering.

“Brex joined the Startup Stack because we feel it’s a great step forward in our mission to help early-stage companies successfully scale.” Larissa Maranhao Rocha, Employee #1 at Brex.

“There are many tools offering startup discounts and free products. But what makes the Startup Stack different is our reach across the SaaS environment to either uncover or help create operational startup offerings from the most critical kind of solutions needed by an early-stage founder,” said Jeff Erickson, Director of Business Development at Carta.

Upon launch, the Stack includes offers from members Airtable (project management), Pilot (bookkeeping), Everee (payroll), Brex (cash management), Venture Validator (product market fit), Vouch (insurance), Carta (cap table management), Foundersuite (fundraising) and of course, Dialpad (business communications). Offers from PandaDoc (proposals, contracts, e-signatures), TaxTaker (R&D tax credits), and Savvi (legal workflows) will follow shortly after, along with others.

New Stack members are continuously being vetted and added, along with Stack Partners like Summit Venture Studio and Freshwater Advisors. "It is essential for early-stage founders to be equipped with the tools they need from the beginning and the Startup Stack makes it easy to hit the ground running," said Taylor Bench, Managing Director at Summit Venture Studio. "I'd recommend the Startup Stack to any founder looking for the right tools to scale, and any entity that supports startups to deliver additional value," added Peter Djokovich, Managing Director at Summit Venture Studio.

"Every early-stage founder and entrepreneur could benefit from the resources and tools available through the Startup Stack," said David Weinstein, CEO of Freshwater Advisors.