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Global Hiring
& Payroll

Startup Stack community gets free international employee and contractor hires, for a value of $6,500.

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Branding, Web Design, & Webflow Development

Startup Stack community gets 10% off either the premium or rocket ship package. Up to $1500 in savings.

Proposals, Contracts, and

Unlimited e-signatures, doc uploads, and payments. $500 in annual savings.

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Phone Lines, Meetings & Call Center

Startups get 10 free phone lines and unlimited, free video conferencing worth $5,000 a year.

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Product-Market Fit

Get $250 off any one Venture Validator service through the Startup Stack.

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Cap Table Management

Free Cap Table Management + 20% off 409A Valuations, worth at least $1,000.

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Insure Your Business

Save 5% today through the Startup Stack and up to $2,500 as you scale.

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Pay Employees

Startup founders get their first month running payroll free.

Raise Capital for Your Venture

Startup Stack companies get 30% off a Monthly plan for 6 months or 40% off any Annual plan. Worth $300.

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Startup Stack community members get 20% off Pilot Core or Select for 6 months.

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Maximize R&D Tax Credits

Founders get a free R&D tax estimate, $500 towards an R&D tax credit study, a locked-in rate for life, and live tracking of ongoing savings.

Legal Hub for Founders

Founders get up to $1,200 in credit towards services including entity formation + conversion, data-room + cap table setup, and more.

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Customer Experience

Stack founders get 6 months free of Zendesk Support Suite and Sales CRM, plus other startup resources for up to $25,000 in savings.

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Organize Anything

Startup Stack community members get $2,000 in credit.

Customer and Employee Engagement

Founders get up to $10,000 in credits to use across all Freshworks products.

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Subscription Billing and Rev Ops

 Stack gets Chargebee's Rise Plan for free, saving founders $7,000+ in subscription management.

Use code SSTACKA8


CEO Forums
for Entrepreneurs

Stack founders get 20% off their first year of participating in a CEO Peer Forum, including the initiation fee—for a value of over $1,000.

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Marketing, Sales, & Service

The Startup Stack gets

30% off their first year and 15% off recurring, for $5,000 savings on HubSpot's Growth Stack.

Use code: lw9eg7DY61pi

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Incorporate in the U.S. from anywhere

Stack members receive 10% off standard pricing for U.S. incorporation services.

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Data Security & Compliance

Free SOC 2 automation + 25% off PCI automation for a year. Up to $55,000 in founder savings.


Protect Sensitive Data

Stack members get 25% off their first year on all Nightfall products, for thousands in savings.

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Scale Your Exec Team & Board

Stack members get a $1,000 credit towards their first assisted on-demand searches, board placements, or full-time hires.

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SOC 2 & ISO 27001Compliance

Stack members get10% off plans as well as waived implementation fees.

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401(k) Plans
for SMBs

$500 setup fee waived, plus founders get conversion reimbursement for existing 401(k) plans, & guidance on SECURE Act tax credit from a 401(k) expert.

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Founders get 100,000 free monthly active users in first year ($10,000 value) + unlimited logins per users.

Email to redeem.

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Financial models for SaaS companies

Stack founders get 30% off any annual plan for up to $1600 in savings. 

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Pitch & Fundraise

Founders get an extended free trial to 60 days, plus 30% off a monthly plan and 40% off any annual plan. Up to $230 off.

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Productivity Management

$3000 in free ClickUp to have alll of your work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more.

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Eligible Startup Stack members get up to $2,500 of Communication API (Video, Voice, SMS, 2FA, WhatsApp etc.) credits, tech support and tailored resources.


Selling &

Founders skip waitlist & free access to Journey Pro  for up to 5 users ($3K Value).

Email to redeem.

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Knowledge Management

Apply to get going with $500 in credit for Notion, the operating system that scales your startup.

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Authorization & Access Control

Startup Stack founders get $5,000 in Warrant credits for their first year.

Email to redeem.



Stack founders get 25% off their first year with an annual subscription. Includes onboarding and unlimited phone/video support for 30 days. Worth $750.

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Search Solutions

Qualified founders get up to $35,000 in Yext credits to scale digital presence and engagement.

Application Code:


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Cash Management

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Get 25,000 points, $5K in AWS credits, and priority onboarding via the Stack.


Stack community gets Free Global Accounts + 50% off all API plans worth up to $3,000 in global payouts savings.

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Stack community gets 15% off the first year when using the Business plan, for an average savings of up to $1,500. To redeem, sign up and then email perks+startupstack@svix.com

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Startup Reporting
& Performance Analytics

angelspan logo.jpg

Founders get 15% off Angel Span services for an average savings of $1,000 over 18 months. 


Product Analytics

Eligible startups get $50,000 in credits towards the Growth plan. The credits will be valid for 1 year and cover costs for the plan as well as additional data fees. Choose "other" and list Startup Stack as partner.

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Startup Incorporation & Legal Automation

Founders in the Startup Stack community receive up to 30% off their first year for hundreds in savings.

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Hire Remote Teams


Startup Stack members get a 10% discount on vetted remote teams and services for a value of up to $10,000 in their first year.

Access & Manage Non-Dilutive Capital

Stack founders get 20% off the FundStory's PRO plan with Promo Code: startupstack

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B2B Financing Solutions

Stack community gets $5,000 of invoice credits to redeem in their first 30 days. Use code "ALTSTACK" while onboarding to access.

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Automated Cybersecurity
for Startups


Startup Stack members get 23% off any annual Cyvatar subscription. Up to $44K value for your first year.

Customer Communications

Stack founders get 6 months free for up to $2,100 in customer communication savings.

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Automated Workflow Documentation

Founders receive a discount on Tango Pro and access priority support for up to $200 in savings.

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Event Based Lead Sourcing & Enrichment

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Find the right person, at the right company, at the right time. Startup Stack founders get $4,000 off.

Virtual Assistance

Stack founders get 50% off their trial period when exploring the benefits of a virtual assistant, worth $125.

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Payment Processing

Stack community gets $25,000 in payment processing discounts plus a $100 discount on Atlas incorporation. Some restrictions apply.

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Global Employee
of Record

globalization-partners-logo 2.png

Stack members get $10,000 of savings towards global hiring for your team. Enter "Startup Stack" as the party who referred you.

Enterprise Compliant Security

Startup Stack community gets free code (OSS) + $2,000 on BoxyHQ integration support.

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AI-Powered Financial Services

Stack community gets 25% off bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services for the first 6 months. $1750 in savings.

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User Engagement
for E-Commerce

cooee logo.png

Startup Stack members get 50% off their first 6 months, for up to $1,000 in savings.

Product Analytics
& Marketing Automation

Selected startups get free product credits and customer success for 6 months, a $25,000 value.

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Cloud Infrastructure and Automation

Founders get 2 months free of cloud operating for up to $10,000 in savings.

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Equity Administration Services

Startup Stack community gets a 15% discount on equity administration services FOR LIFE, for a value of about $3,000 annually.

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Data Security & Machine Learning

Stack community gets over $10,000 in credits towards data science and machine learning development.

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HR, Payroll
& Benefits


Startup Stack founders get 60% off payroll admin fees for an estimated value of $2000+ in savings annually.


Email to redeem.

Customer Videos

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Startup Stack founders get 20% off (in the form of a refund within 24 hours) on annual Pro and Business plans.

Business Capital

Startup Stack community gets 10% off the financing rate for up to $5,000 average savings.

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